"We are the sounding board and the voice of
understanding and reason in a highly complex tax world"


Trust and Experience

BMF Tax Legal is a boutique tax law firm. We provide specialist tax advice to private clients and corporate groups that is trusted, innovative and commercial. Our focus is on adding value by delivering solutions beyond legal issues and impediments in a pro-active and cost effective manner. Through our dedicated involvement we will take responsibility to understand you, and your objectives, providing a personalised and hands on tax legal service. With many years of experience and understanding of the relevant tax matters we have the ability to recognise your issues and to deal with your personal and complex affairs. With the movement of capital into Australia, the changing tax

regime following Government reviews, the aging population and the need to ensure international regulatory compliance there is a significant demand for specialist and tailored tax services. BMF Tax Legal are well placed to understand your needs and to provide this tax function with strong alliances around the world. The addition of this dedicated legal service to our existing accounting, wealth management and property services broadens our disciplines, and culminates in a full offering for our clients. Our tax legal services include structuring, negotiation and tax legal advice to Australian and international clients.


+ Tax planning for all your affairs

We provide sophisticated tax planning each year to manage your business and personal affairs, and to ensure there are financial efficiencies. We assist clients to determine, and implement, the most optimal investment structures for the income and capital flows from underlying assets, including real property, active trading businesses and passive investments. We have experience with many different businesses and asset classes adapting our solutions to each client’s personal situation.

+ Corporate tax including mergers & acquisitions

We provide corporate tax advice to manage the tax implications of mergers & acquisitions and asset or share sales. We also provide guidance on corporate reorganisations, capital raisings and demergers and associated transactions. We have significant experience dealing with listed and unlisted takeovers and mergers and the various tax related issues that arise including due diligence and legal structuring. This includes drafting assistance with transaction documents and managing the risks from tax warranties and indemnities. We also have the expertise to engage the Tax Office if a private or class ruling is required to obtain certainty regarding the implications of a transaction.

+ Tax Office audits, disclosures, investigations and tax disputes

We provide guidance and assistance to clients in managing Tax Office preliminary investigations, audits and risk reviews to ensure that our client’s interests are protected. We also provide legal assistance to clients to manage any Tax Office dispute whether by means of the litigation process in the Tribunals and Courts or through settlement discussions. We have a network of Counsel and Senior Counsel to assist with complicated technical matters that are being challenged by the Tax Office. We have experience with assisting clients who took advantage of the voluntary offshore disclosure initiative, and we provide assistance to those wishing to make disclosures under the current tax regime.

+ International tax planning

We provide tax advice to local and international clients assisting with:

  • Inbound and outbound investment structures.
  • Capital inflow and outflow involving individuals and corporate groups moving between jurisdictions, including cross border debt and equity funding.
  • Tax residency advice.
  • Cross-border transactions and transfer pricing reviews.
  • Tax treaty aspects that are critical to the international dealings between sophisticated tax jurisdictions.

We have a network of advisers throughout the world who assist us to manage the tax implications in other jurisdictions and we work closely with them to optimise our client’s affairs.

+ Trust structures and joint ventures

Trusts are a vital part of the current tax regime. We have extensive experience with managing and providing advice for clients who wish to use trust structures. We assist with technical provisions with trust deeds to ensure the correct tax position is adopted. We are also engaged in recent government initiates seeking to amend the rules surrounding the taxation of trusts. This ensures our clients are provided with the most up to date and robust tax advice.

+ Funds management and managed investment trusts

We provide advice to clients assisting with the newly introduced tax concessions for managed investment trusts that provide a reduced withholding tax rate on certain distributions to specific foreign residents. We provide tax advice to domestic and international clients who engage fund managers to deal with their assets. We also provide guidance to the fund managers when dealing with domestic and international assets.

+ Estate planning solutions

We provide detailed advice to clients on family and succession planning as well as the tax implications that arise. We assist to implement an estate planning solution to align the tax position and to manage our clients’ future desires. We manage the complexities that surround estate planning solutions including:

  • Asset protection
  • Family affairs
  • Superannuation aspects
  • Retirement
+ Tax structuring for Family Office

We recognise that high net worth individuals and large families require tailored advice to suit their personal and business interests. We provide personal and specific advice to these families to ensure continuity, wealth preservation and regulatory compliance – all fundamentals of our of service offering. Our advice stands the test of time across the generations of clients.